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A Brief Chat w/ MILA DMNQ [Interview]

MILA DMNQ aka Milena Dominique is an Orlando musician who cannot be tied down to one genre. While her most popular release so far was an EDM themed banger called “Throw It Back” she's already released two other singles that aren't in the EDM market at all – one having a classic rock influence and the other having a major patriotic influence. Below you can learn more about the upcoming artist and her goals in the music industry! After reading the conversation be sure to stream “Throw It Back” below the questions.

  1. How long have you been singing? I started singing at the age of four. I performed my first solo in Pre-Kindergarten.

  2. How did you get into music? I have been involved with music my entire life, but what truly sparked my desire to continue was that solo in Pre-K. I remember how I felt after my performance at that early age and wanted to experience that for the rest of my life.

  3. The first song you uploaded on Soundcloud was not even remotely EDM sounding, but “Throw It Back” has a heavy electronic influence on it. What’s the rest of your music sound like, is it all this versatile? My next song is dedicated to the men and women who have fought to protect this beautiful country, my home. After that, a Latin song with an Ecuadorian influence will be making its way onto my Soundcloud page. Music is how I express what I like, who I am and how I feel. I let my inspiration translate into music. My goal is to share that with others. I believe that music is the voice that unites the world and that a voice shouldn't be defined by a genre, which is essentially a stereotype. I hope to be an international voice that everyone can understand. I don’t see myself as a bystander, but one that is willing to contribute to peace in our planet.

    4. Is Jack Daniels actually your preference of alcohol or did it just rhyme well with the rest of the lyrics on the single? Jack Daniels is my favorite alcoholic beverage. One of my idols, Eric Church, is a representative for the brand and I just love the drink. From the way it is prepared, to its smooth flavor, it's always been my favorite American liquor.

    5. Who are some of your musical influences? I would have to say that Christina Aguilera and Tom Petty are my influences. Christina helped me find my voice when I was younger and unsure of what my sound was and Tom fine-tuned what I enjoy most of music.

    6. How did you link up with Ayo and Studio 18? I discovered Studio 18 through a long time vocal coach of mine and producer, Gerry Williams. Studio 18 introduced me to Ayo, who was amazing to work with and really helped me find a unique sound from a performance and a production standpoint.

    7. What is the Orlando music scene like? I love the talent that Orlando has produced. Orlando has always been a music hotspot, having produced some of the music industry's biggest stars. Nashville and Los Angeles are more synonymous with talent, but Orlando has an eclectic sound that can suck you in. There is always something musical going on in my city; you'll never have a dull time here.

    8.  Do you have any upcoming projects? I am planning to release an album in the near future, which I know will be another wonderful experience and a surprise to my fans. I'll have more News regarding my debut around the holidays!

    9. If you could collaborate with any musician (dead OR alive) who would it be? Why that specific artist or group? This is a tough one. If I were to go with who I wanted to collaborate with first, I would say Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I wouldn't have found my ultimate sound had it not been for their music and for Tom Petty's melody work. I have great admiration for their work and the history that they have made over the years. Working with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is #1 on my bucket list.

10. What are some other hobbies you’re interested in besides music and why do you enjoy them?

I love makeup. I began learning about makeup back in 2011. It all started with simple looks and fun projects with a great friend of mine. Soon I realized that the chemistry of the products, the art of textures and colors applied in the most interesting canvas was challenging and invited a lot more creativity than you would expect. It is fascinating to work with a human face; not to masquerade it but to bring out expression and beauty! I became infatuated with the art and eventually was able to free-lance as a self-taught artist.

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