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15 Photographer & Videographers You Need To Know

The story is almost always the same when it comes to attending an event. You buy tickets weeks, sometimes months in advance, plan endlessly with your friends, finally attend the event, and of course, bask in its glory with recap coverage. But half the time fans miss the majority of the coverage that gets posted on social media. This isn't due to laziness or lack of trying, it's due to a lack of awareness of the photographers and videographers who tirelessly cover the events. I have been finding out recently that a lot of fans are relying on only some of the big names to provide them with coverage. I'm talking about event photographer legends such as RUKES and Rudgr. Don't get me wrong, these guys are two of the best photographers on the planet and do mind blowing work. But the fact is this: with so many festivals and events happening all around the world every day, these guys can't be everywhere all the time.

Vote For This Year's Top Music Festival Photographers

Over the last few years of traveling all over the world to photograph different festivals and events, I have come to meet many incredibly talented photographers and videographers. These guys and girls do tons of work in the Music Industry and rarely get the recognition they should. It's time that we talked about these people. Some you may never heard of, where as some you may already be following on Facebook or Instagram. Some you may have seen on stage with your favorite DJ, while other's work you may have seen but not been able to attach a name to it. I have compiled a list which represents some of the most seriously talented individuals out there right now. These guys and girls bring you some of the best content that is possible when it comes to photo and video coverage of music events. If you don't know who they are now, stop, and take a look and of course give their socials a follow. As I guarantee you within a year or two, you will absolutely know who they are.

EDM Sauce is proud to bring you a new series of stories. Over the next few months, and well into the 2016 festival season, I will do my best to sit down with as many of these guys and girls as possible. We want to get to know every single one of them. Find out how they got started, what makes them tick, what equipment do they use, who are their clients, and ever single thing that led them to this point in their career. But before I try to interview each of them, lets get to know them all a little better.

*DISCLAIMER: This list is made up of my personal opinions as a event photographer and not based on number or statistics. If you disagree, or think someone needs to be added to this list, feel free to email me! I would love to check them out. My contact info is at the bottom of this article. Any questions, comments, concerns feel free to reach out. List is not in ranked order*

1.) aLive Coverage Team
Members: Photo Team: Marc van der Aa, Lauren Coakley, Chris Pearce, Alex Perez, Doug Van Sant, PJ Morreale, Taylor Wallace & Calder Wilson. Video: Marc Dunham
Location: Everywhere (varies by member)

aLive 1

aLive 2

aLive 3

aLive 4

aLive 5

2.) AJR Photography – Photo Director at DJ Mag
Members: Andrew Rauner
Location: New York, New York






3.)Steve Garfinkel Photography
Members: Steve Garfinkel
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SG 1

SG 2

SG 3

SG 4

SG 5

4.)Bennett Sell-Kline – Photography Director at Insomniac Events
Location: California

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bsk 1

bsk 2


bsk 4

bsk 5

5.)Yoder Productions
Members: Chris Yoder
Location: Chicago, Illinois

yoder 1

yoder 2

yoder 3

6.) Rapid Eye Media
Members: Nathan Navarro and Javier Luna, Owners
Location: San Diego, California

rem 1

rem 2

rem 3

rem 4

rem 5

7.)Dmahoney Photo
Members: Danny Mahoney
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

dm 3

dm 4

dm 5



8.)The Supermaniak
Members: Maria Jose Govea
Location: Toronto, Ontario

SM 1

SM 2

SM 3

SM 4

SM 5

SM 6

9.)Oh Dag Yo Photo
Members: Jason Fenmore
Location: Newport Beach, California

ohdagyo 1

ohdagyo 2

ohdagyo 3

ohdagyo 4

ohdagyo 5

10.) Photography by Sam Hickey
Members: Sam Hickey
Location: San Marcos, Texas

shickey 1

shickey 2

shickey 3

shickey 4

shickey 5

Members: Kevin Verkruijssen
Location: Nieuwegein, Netherlands

edmkev 1

edmkev 2

edmkev 3

edmkev 4

edmkev 5

edmkev 6

12.)Tony Cottrell Photography
Members: Tony Cottrell
Location: Mesa, Arizona

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tony C 1

tony C 2

tony C 3

tony C 4

tony C 5

13.) Tblaze Photography
Members: Thomas Blase
Location: San Francisco, California

Tblaze 1

Tblaze 2

Tblaze 3

Tblaze 4

Tblaze 5

14.)KO Productions
Members: Kevin Owens
Location: Glassboro, New Jersey

KO 1

KO 2

KO 3

KO 4

15.) Rory Kramer
Location: Honestly, we cant keep up anymore. The man is everywhere.

All photos taken from social accounts or companies website.

Joe D'Oria

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