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RL Grime Halloween Mix 6
RL Grime Halloween Mix 6

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The Permanent Consequences of RL Grime’s Halloween Mix

It is that time of year again. The leaves are changing, spooky skeletal memes are flooding Facebook walls, and most pertinent to this article of all, RL Grime is dropping a new face melting mix. In year's past RL's Halloween Mix was a game changer. It was filled with new music, innovative styles and and was of course an all around perfect soundtrack for your costume party (probably filled with tons of people dressed as a ghost producer, NOT original btw). This year though, nobody was prepared for the savagery that was released upon us. This mix was so full of absolute napalm level fire, the world as we know it has been changed forever. Here are some of the first observations of the aftermath from all the fire dropped in the 2015 Halloween Mix.

1. Polar Bears are now extinct.

polar bear

2. Iceland has officially changed its name to just Land.


3. Antarctica is no longer a thing.


4. The rapper and child movie actor Ice Cube, will now be known as RL Cube.


5. The rapper and sex crimes detective Ice T, will now be known as Hot Tea.


6. Congress voted and now fully believes in Global Warming; listing this mix as the primary cause.


7. It will no longer snow. Just never again.

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8. Ice Cream is no longer available. Chipwich's are all melted. Every last one.


9. The movie Frozen has been removed from shelves for a massive re-branding.


10. LAX is experiencing massive delays due to low visibility from the rapid flames.


11. Satan checked into the hospital with 3rd degree burns after bumping this in his Ford Taurus with the windows up.


12. The Sun has started to supernova due to the massive heat increase from Earth. Apocalypse is imminent.


13. The sea levels rose to a dangerous level then evaporated back to normal.


14. Santa Claus and all the elves are now trapping year round due to drastic seasonal changes.


15. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse started to descend but upon hearing this raw as fuck mix turned around and told God it is a no go.


In all seriousness, go and check this shit out. It is absolutely incredible. The intro and outro to the mix are enough to make you listen to the mix alone, let alone the insanity in between. Take a listen below.

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