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A Glorious Chat With Arty (Exclusive Interview)

On October 9th, Arty released his first album, “Glorious”. The Russian DJ and producer, has gained popularity from his ‘Together We Are' Radio Show and Podcast. Arty's debut was in 2009 when the Enhanced Progressive label released his Vanilla Sky EP. In 2012, he was co-signed by a DJ superstar when he joined Paul Van Dyk for the single “The Ocean,” while his Together We Are Radio Show and Podcast debuted that same year. Arty has also done multiple collaborations with Mat Zo along the way.Two years later he joined Above & Beyond for the hit single “You Got to Believe” featuring Zoe Johnson.

‘Glorious' is an album full of diverse tracks, each song holds a different emotional and audial experience for listeners. Arty has experimented with many colorful sounds, and has featured vibrant singers such as Ray Dalton and Angel Taylor. This album speaks for itself.

I had the privilege to sit down with Arty in a small tavern in midtown Manhattan and explore the ins and outs of his new album and the production process.

“‘Glorious' is super exciting there has been so much work behind it, I'm really excited about that.”

With producing new music, comes mixed feelings, however Arty was mainly excited about his release…

“Im feeling more excited than nervous, nervous is just a factor of being really excited, I can't wait for what people think about it.”

Now to get down to the production process… With every album comes different procedures, the journey is never easy, however, the results of Arty's production have been beautiful.

“”The production process has been pretty long it's not like something you produce in your bedroom in a couple days and you can send it to a Record Label, it's not like that at all, it's a long process, we write the lyrics together, we have a vision and decide which direction to take each track in. Some of the tracks I've been processing since September and fine tuning every line from track to track so everything sounds really tight. Its really important to have the tracks flow together.”

“It took years from start to finish but its been worth it because it's such an interesting, exciting, challenging process… it took me so long to figure out what direction I would take with the album.”

Arty's album tells a story to his listeners…

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“The tracks match in terms of the key and the track order is also very important you have to have the flow the album its all about the story rather than just the tracks, it's a whole experience.”

His vision for the album is Diversity…

“My vision for this album I want it to be as diverse as possible i was trying to push myself into the new styles new generates new directions to make sure that nothing is repetitive so every track sounds different, but makes sense together.”

Arty's collab with Ray Dalton in his song, ‘Stronger' resulted in a track that is arguably one of the most popular on the album…

“Ray Dalotn is awesome he is so talented, and a great guy, he has such a strong voice and we had fun in the studio.”


Do you think Vladimir Putin would like your stuff?

“haha I hope so, I would think he would if he listed to it.”

If you haven't checked out Arty's ‘Glorious', you're seriously missing out… It is available on iTunes.

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