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Flux Pavilion Talks About Tesla and Time Travel

Now TomorrowWorld may have ended a few weeks ago, but that doesn't mean it didn't give us some goodies for the weeks to come. I wanted to post this a lot sooner, but my own life kept me too busy until now to do so. With that being said, you guys can enjoy the exclusive interview with Flux Pavilion below!

1) Your new album Tesla was just released, can you tell me what the main sources of inspiration were for that album were?

Joshua: It was just kinda gut feeling I guess, instead of using my ears to try and pick out what Flux should sound like, I just went with my gut. The most fun I have in the studio is just when I'm buzzing and I'm hyped, and so I figured if I could write an album where I feel buzzed and hyped the whole time then there's a flux record!

2) You have a lot of great featured artists on the album, how did you go about picking who to work with?

Joshua: Well normally it's whoever I talk to, and catch up with, I just like to work with people who just love to write music basically! It's less of a choosing people, more of just whoever's cool and whoever I work well with.

3) The dubstep scene fell out of the limelight around 2013, and now it's really starting to make a strong comeback, what do you think the future holds for the scene and who do you think some of the biggest innovators are right now?

Joshua: I always find with scenes that once a few artists blow up and become huge it becomes an understood ‘the genre must sound like that now'. It happens with everything, like Trap, once Floss and Baauer hit, everyone started writing stuff like that and nobody really experimented anymore,  and that's what I loved about Dubstep is because everybody experimented, and then once it got big everyone stopped. Now that everyone stopped listening to dubstep, more people experiment again, and that's why I like when people say Dubstep is dead, because that means there's more time and more space for people to do new stuff!

4) You got moved to one of the smaller stages because of the rain do you feel like the smaller stage makes you want to throw a harder set?

Joshua: Well I play as hard as I can all the time, but yeah when it's a situation like this where everything's been completely flipped and you don't have time to prepare, that's when it ends up being a beautiful kind of thing. I mean there's people here who probably don't even know if I'm going to play or not, people have been tweeting me asking me if I'm going to play, and I can't reply to everyone saying yes, so there's someone out there that's in for a surprise!

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5) If you could travel back in time to play a show, what time would you go back to and why?

Joshua: I'd go back as far as I could, like when music was quite religious, because at one point some chords were understood as Satan's chords, and scales you couldn't use, so I feel like if I went back now and played “Bass Canon” I would get burned at the stake!

6) If you had to spend one hundred million dollars in one day in order to keep it, what would you buy?

Joshua: I'd spend it on stuff, and give it to my mum, my brother and my family!

7) What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen a fan do at your show?

Joshua:  For me when I play, it's a anything goes vibe, so nothing really strikes me as crazy. Someone could strip down and take a piss on the stage, and I'd just be like ‘cool dude' if this is what the music makes you feel go do it, so yeah nothing really sticks out in my mind!

8) It's been four years, and you still can't stop, will there be any breaks for Flux soon?

Joshua: Ummmm, nah. I just don't feel like taking a break, once I've got no more ideas for Flux, than it'll stop, but I've got a sh*t ton more ideas, so it'll keep going!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to sit and chat with me Flux! You can purchase the Tesla LP on iTunes and or give it a listen on Soundcloud below!

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