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Marcus Mouya – Sweet Insomnia [EDM Sauce Premiere + Interview]

Meet Marcus Mouya, a 22 year old producer from Sweden who has been producing for about 3-4 years. Music is something that has always been in his family, so despite his best efforts of trying to get involved with something else, naturally he ended up making music after all. I think he made the right choice.

His newest release ‘Sweet Insomnia’ was made in the summer of 2014 when he was at his family's summer house in the Swedish archipelago. Excited after watching the Tomorrowland live stream, he sat down highly motivated and made what he called, “possibly be the best track that I have ever made”. The track goes back to the basic elements of music featuring some chilled out piano and saxlines combined with a fantastic vocal in a 115 BPM blend. Take a listen to it below, as well as a super chill remix from Morrt.

I was also able to find out more about Marcus in an interview that reveals his motivation, inspiration, future goals and much more. You can check that out below the premiere of ‘Sweet Insomnia'. Enjoy!

Click HERE to Download

How would you describe your sound and style for someone who may not have heard you?
“The foundation of my tracks is always a catchy lead melody. I often experiment with different genres and BPMs and try to mix real instruments with typical EDM sounds.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself, How did you get started in producing and DJing?
“In 2011 or something I heard Avicii‘s track Bromance and really liked it. But at the same time I thought to myself “this track only consists of a piano, I could easily make something like this..”. I read on some forums that he used a program called FL Studio so I got hold of that program and started to make the new Bromance hit. 4 years have gone by now and I still don't know how to make a track like Bromance, haha, but I have learned allot along the way about networking, producing and advertising.”

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2015 and going forward?
“My goals for the remaining part of 2015 is to put allot of my energy in building my brand and marketing the stuff that I will release. Allot of young producers today just make a track in one day and then put it up on Soundcloud, spam all their Facebook friends and then hope the will get famous… I have found the most effective way to really have a plan behind every release and try to hype it as much as possible. So that's what I will do. And it seems that allot in this industry is about luck as well. If you make a track at the right time it can go viral just like that.”

What can you tell me about your upcoming release ‘Sweet Insomnia'?
“Sweet Insomnia came together in late July after summing up all my impressions of the summer and just watching the Tomorrow land stream. It consists of very basic but well layered elements. A catchy vocal, some good piano chords and a saxophone melody that is amazing. This is by far the best track I have ever made and I hope everyone will like it!”

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Who inspires you? What motivates you?
“What inspires me could be anything. A chord progression that I hear in another song and when I try to redo it, it turns out totally different.. But I listen to all kinds of music. Lately I've been listening to allot of music from battle scenes in movies so I guess my upcoming releases will sound a bit more epic haha. What motivates me is basically one thing. I love the thought of not having a real Job and just travelling around and playing your own music to everyone and making money of that. But most of the time producing is actually like a drug. When I'm busy with school or something I often think of producing and get this feeling like I'm almost in love with producing. I just can't wait to get home to produce this new idea or whatever it is that I'm thinking of. Then when you get home and open the program and starts playing around with ideas, it just feels fantastic and you never want to stop. If I start at 10PM with a really good idea I just put on my Headphones and can produce for hours and suddenly I hear someone say “good morning” and then it's 6AM and my family is awake.”

Marcus Mouya on Facebook | Soundcloud

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