Electronic music is notorious for popping up in the video game world, and one can argue that the music in many of these games has influenced artists. NetEase’s “Speedy Ninja” game has picked Steve Aoki to play the lead role in their virtual reality, starring in the most recent update.

“Speedy Ninja's” newest version is much like Temple Run, where users run across obstacles and use weapons to attack opponents. However, in Steve Aoki world cakes and a microphone are the new ‘weapons' to fight off intruders, as a colorful background completes the theme. Aoki's character is also on point with a typical outfit that he would wear, as well as long hair and beard. The game even features the same inflatable rafts Steve Aoki uses in his shows to completely depict his persona.

“The first time I saw my character I was totally blown away by the design. The NetEase game team nailed it! I love the flowing hair, the cakes, and even the inflatable rafts; all those elements that are unique to my show. I can’t wait for my fans to check it out!” -Steve Aoki

Both iPhone and Android users can check out the game below:


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