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1 Year of ‘Worlds’ by Porter Robinson (Remix Playlist)

“‘Worlds' came out one year ago today. Since then, everything's been even better than I could have hoped. Thank you all so much.【=◈‿◈=】” – Porter

Porter Robinson released his debut album ‘Worlds' one year ago today, touching the lives of many, and even changing the lives of others. Personally, ‘Worlds' has forever changed how I view music. I no longer listen to music as merely entertainment, but I see music as an art. Porter put his soul into ‘Worlds' and that genuine act was beautiful in itself because (in my opinion) there are too few artists that still feel that way about their music. Nonetheless, in the spirit of ‘Worlds' I have compiled a remix or cover of every ‘Worlds' track, enjoy!

1) Divinity, remixed by filous; the perfect remix to begin my remix playlist. Approved by Porter himself, the filous remix of ‘Divinity' is truly divine.

2) Sad Machine, covered by Didrick & Ember Island; the fan favorite cover that sends chills racing down your spine every time you listen. Didrick and Ember Island's cover of ‘Sad Machine' captures the original's beauty, the raw emotion better than any other remix or cover.

3) Years Of War, remixed by Golden Features; another Porter Robinson approved remix, this future house remix is one of my favorite tracks to dance to.

4) Flicker, remixed by Mat Zo; yes, Mat Zo remixed ‘Flicker' and if you have yet to hear it, it is f*cking amazing, listen right now!

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5) Fresh Static Snow, the ‘Worlds' live remix by VDG; the only ‘Worlds' live remix in my playlist, I like to call this track “Fresh Static Filth” because the bass drop is unreal and absolutely disgusting.

6) Polygon Dust, remixed by AliasFalcon; the next two remixes are a little random, but are definitely up to par with the others and overall are great remixes.

7) Hear The Bells, remixed by Jefra; (see above track description).

8) Natural Light, the ‘Lavender Town' remix by We Are Doctors; if you are not familiar with the Pokémon Lavender Town Syndrome creepy pasta, that read will further explain this creepy remix, which I could only imagine Porter would love.

9) Lionhearted, remixed by Virtual Riot; the Arty remix is good too, but I felt like the playlist needed some more filthy electro and Virtual Riot's remix of ‘Lionhearted' is a perfect track for the Job.

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10) Sea Of Voices, remixed by Ninth Parallel; one of the newest remixes on the list, Ninth Parallel recaptures the original ‘Sea Of Voices' beauty, while still keeping the producer's own style.

11) Fellow Feeling, flipped by Chet Porter; I still remember when I first heard this cute house remix, all I had to say was “wow” because it is one of the only ‘Fellow Feeling' remixes that I feel does not tarnish the original's innocent beauty.

12) Goodbye To A World, remixed by Disco‘s Over; ‘Goodbye To A World' was the perfect end to an amazing album and the Disco's Over remix is the perfect end to an amazing playlist of remixes and covers. Featuring an ode to Porter with a ‘Language' sample, Disco's Over showed their respects with this track.

I hope everyone enjoys my ‘Worlds' remix playlist and I hope everyone enjoyed the original ‘Worlds' as much as I did; enjoy a bonus track below!【=❤︿❤=】

Bonus Track) Porter Robinson – Shepherdess

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