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Ruby Rose Lights Up Exchange Los Angeles (Event Review)

The term “trending” has become a social media norm throughout the past few years. Basically (as I am literally sure everyone reading this knows), it is anything that is popular and circulating around the various social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc…). Every once in a while a trending phenomenon occurs and the entire Internet has active interest in the same topic or person at once. Season three of Orange is the New Black introduced Ruby Rose to the Internet and a very unhealthy obsession began (Not a bad thing really because Ruby Rose is the epitome of rad. Thus making this obsession absolutely justified).

Exchange in Los Angeles hosted Ruby Rose for a DJ set a few weeks ago and I just had to check this out. In addition to being a world famous actress, Ruby Rose has been actively DJ’ing in Australia for a good number of years. So no, this was not another typical Los Angeles atrocity of a Celebrity DJ set. This was poised to be a solid DJ set in a really cool Los Angeles club.

The club itself is four stories and is located inside of the old Los Angeles Stock Exchange (therefore, the oh so appropriate name of “Exchange”). The décor really induces an eccentric and unique atmosphere. It is simplistic and allows the impressive architecture style to speak for itself. The crowd at this club is everything you could hope for out of a fun club. Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is not really a place where the pretentious rule the club scene. Especially at Exchange, where the demographic is made up of some pretty hardcore fans on the ground level (and yes everything you would expect of Los Angeles VIP on the top floor). It is a very interesting dynamic and it meshes together so well.

Ruby Rose 3

Photo Credit: We Are Night Owls

Ruby Rose went on at midnight and through some very Los Angeles inconveniences I stepped onto the main dance floor at approximately 12:01 AM. The entire place was absolutely packed from top floor to bottom (and absolutely packed with women because of Ruby Rose). There was a palpable energy and once the bass started kicking in, the crowd was incredibly receptive and the entire place turned into a huge dance party. Cell phones were out in full force and I am sure Snapchats from Exchange were sent far and wide.

Ruby Rose 4

Photo Credit: We Are Night Owls

Ruby Rose started the night out with some pretty heavy Bass Music. She is actually a great performer and not only did she keep the crowd engaged with her own energy on stage, but also with a wide array of music. She went everywhere from progressive house to future house and everywhere in between. I was definitely surprised. The crowd loved it and it was almost like a festival atmosphere inside of Exchange.

Ruby Rose 1


Photo Credit: We Are Night Owls

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Around twenty minutes in the entire mood changed when an unknown fan threw her panties on stage for Ruby Rose. She took the Microphone and said, “It was bound to happen.” The crowd erupted at her cool demeanor and the energy continued to increase.

The stage is definitely a marvel to behold at Exchange. An LED wall of gigantic proportions makes up the backdrop and is the main point of interest for fans. However, on this night Exchange made the correct decision by skipping a light show and just adding a live feed of Ruby Rose on stage. This alone induced so much more of a fun factor because her energy was projected everywhere.

Ruby Rose 5

Photo Credit: We Are Night Owls

The rest of the night ended up continuing on in the same fashion and it was an incredible show. Ruby Rose played a captivating set, the crowd was amazing, and the venue was world class. I have absolutely no complaints about my first time at Exchange and nothing but good things to say. If you are a fan of energy and big crowds you should consider making a trip soon.

Ruby Rose will be performing in San Diego soon so be sure to check that out by clicking here. Exchange hosts world class DJ’s weekly so any night you choose to attend will be fun. I one hundred percent suggest this club for a fun night out. Click here for a schedule of events.

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