With Varien's highly anticipated The Ancient & Arcane album to be released in the next week, the young artist has released an official music video to accompany the album's ‘Supercell' single. Portraying a “Tron-like” story line, where a coder brings Varien to life within their programming, the music video creates a cryptic scene, only fitting to the album's tone. The programs seems to be going too well until the artificial intelligence becomes self-aware, discovering a piano and crashing the program. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Veela, ‘Supercell' was already a massive release, but now accompanied by such an in depth music video? ‘Supercell' and the rest of The Ancient & Arcane album are truly works of art! August 5th, prepare…

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Sean Reis
Hey my name's Sean and I'm 22-years-old. I'm an aspiring writer, a poet and a wanna-be artist. "Worlds" changed my life.