Mystery has surrounded the identity and project ƱZ for years now – and its seems that 2015 might start to unveil some questions about the producer and his image. The producer who always wears a mask burst onto the scene as strongly as an “underground” act could with his “ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ†” series that launched on Mad Decent's Jeffree's to critical acclaim three years ago.

This past week, ƱZ announced via Facebook (post below) that he would discontinue his mix series called “ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ†.” This leaves us with many questions… will ƱZ reveal his identity? What's next?

For a while, many EDM fans speculated his identity but very few fans have been able to reveal details that would help make a case or create traction. With white skin and a very ambiguous style, many leads died because fans thought a Mad Decent artist was behind the mask. No artist from Diplo's label could be linked to ƱZ with conviction, thus his (or her) identity has been kept well guarded.

Now, we'll have to wait and see what's next. The legacy of ƱZ in trap music will always be strong, but the genre is general would certainly have less of an impact without his presence. Although we can only speculate, his lack of activity at times over the past year has suggested something is around the corner. He tends to post a lot of TBT's as well.

Stay connected on socials and Facebook to find out when ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ† V. 23 x 25 drops. Make sure to also check out his latest series, V. 22.

ϾØϺỊИ₲ ϨØØИ! ₮ῌЄ ₣ỊИ∆Ɫ ỊИϨ₮∆ⱢⱢϺЄИ₮ Ø₣ ₮ῌЄ ₮Я∆Ᵽ ϨῌỊ₮ ϨЄЯỊЄϨ!! ︻╦╤─ Ɓ∆И₲ Ɓ∆И₲ ─╤╦︻

Posted by ︻ ƱZ ︻ on Wednesday, July 1, 2015


pic: Henny Van Roomen