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Best of 2015

Gallant – Weight in Gold

One doctor called it cutis anserine. After a second opinion it was labeled as horripilation. You may know the common name for this condition referred to as goosebumps. Not the children’s Books, but actual bumps that develop on the skin. It turns out I was just listening to Gallant’s latest track Weight in Gold.

Whether it’s hair standing on end, a tear welling up in the corner of my eye, or even a simple sway that I did not know I was doing, I love involuntary reactions to music. I experienced all three when I first heard Gallant’s falsetto in Weight of Gold. This track is a soulfully constructed, yet hard hitting, R&B jam that really showcases a voice that is right up there with the likes of Prince or Aaron Neville. Gallant's lyrics convey deep emotions that tied in to my own struggles with self worth, fear, resentment, vanity, and love. So close your eyes, crank this up, and let this beautiful song wash over you. Don't be suprised if you get the chills, even in the summer sun.

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