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Deadmau5 Talks in Depth About His Cats, Proposes Meowingtons Cologne

The Georgia Straight recently had a chance to interview Deadmau5 via Skype and the result was glorious: a full disclosure about the lives of his cats. Professor Meowingtons is somewhat of a celebrity these days, while “the other cat” – Miss Nyancat – receives far less attention. However, their duties to roam the new castle remain a notable part of “EDM” culture.

By the way, at this point in the precedings… it is highly important to note that Meowingtons has an Instagram made by Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5, we can assume) that is working on 10,000 followers. In his captions, Meowingtons is often talking from first person in the account – which makes it even funnier when he's upset or describing behavior from “the other cat.” Sometimes, though, the captions are misleading to the picture.

I actually hate this bitch.

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The interview about his cats has many revealing moments and in good light. For example, the editor takes note that professor Meowingtons' PHD is still not entirely valid because neither party could determine the degree achieved or subject matter taken.

Meowingtons, adopted by the Toronto Humane Society, has a lot of explaining to do based on his Instagram account. Deadmau5 explained, “They don’t have opinions. I don’t know what my cat is thinking or planning.…I get to Make Up how he’s feeling, myself. They’re so enclosed and so withdrawn from the world that they think they’re the only fucking things in existence, which kind of gives them that air about them.”

It's obvious, however, that Meowingtons (often affectionately referred to as “Meowski” is the pride of the house. From magazine covers to album covers and all sorts of random publicity, he's even spawned his own Headphones for cats. What's next?

“I’ve always had this idea of doing a cologne for Meowingtons. Not for cats, but by a cat. And do a Meowingtons-shaped bottle,” deadmau5 schemes. “It would have to be some generic thing that you buy for the bottle. There’s no way Paris Hilton’s cologne is the best. Just make an awesome bottle, put your shit on it, and sell it. I was thinking of calling it Pussy Whipped.”

Sol Republic is working on headphones for cats (featuring Meowski).

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“There’s no real thing to the cat. He’s just a domestic shorthair cat. He doesn’t have a mustache and all that other shit. So he really doesn’t have a whole lot going for him in that department, which is why we can’t have some major cat-festival appearances.”

Other related questions in the article led to some revealing notes about Meowingtons and “the other cat's” budget.

“I think a cat could live a full and awesome life on less than $20,000,” Zimmerman said.

In regards to planned parenthood, he also noted the probability of a dog in the future.

“I actually did some research. In Canada, if someone is on your property or breaking in, you can have a [firearms] possession-and-acquisition licence, but you can’t shoot anyone. You couldn’t even beat the crap out of them. But, as it turns out, if you post signs every 50 feet that say ‘Beware of Dog’ and you get a couple of trained fucking killers it’s fair game. I’m actually in the process of working with a guy who’s got a litter coming of interbred wolf/German shepherds. I’m sure the dogs will be cool and not rip my cats apart.”

Read the full story here and follow Deadmau5 on Twitter and Instagram.


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