Its been nearly six years since Hudson Mohawke released a full length solo album. In the meantime, he's been busy producing, collaborating with Kanye and, putting out an EP with Lunice as TNGHT.

The tracklist reveals quite a few featured artists including Miguel, Jhené Aiko and Antony among a few others.

Hudson Mohawke's latest album, Lantern, is slated to be released next week, but you can stream it through iTunes here.


01. Lantern
02. Very First Breath (feat. Irfane)
03. Ryderz
04. Warriors (feat. Ruckazoid & Devauex)
05. Kettles
06. Scud Books
07. Indian Steps (feat. Antony)
08. Lil Djembe
09. Deepspace (feat. Miguel)
10. Shadows
11. Resistance (feat. Jhené Aiko)
12. Portrait of Luci
13. System
14. Brand New World


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