Australian producers LDRU and Yahtzel merged to create Carmada last year . They signed to monster record label OSWLA and released their extremely successful “Realise EP” in December. The Australian duo recently featured on Triple J Radio's popular segment called “Like a Version”, which invites artists in to perform live covers and their own music live on radio. Carmada chose to cover “Lean On” by Major Lazer, Dj Snake, and MO with Rob Taylor on vocals. Followed by a live version of their own song “On Fire” featuring vocals from Charli XCX.  While there was no doubt that Carmada are quality producers, their amazing live performance skills were put on exhibition.  Viewing these videos has me wishing for a live set at the many upcoming festivals this summer (I'm talking to you Hard Summer). Both of these performances were full of soul, chill vibes, and incredible composition. Check out the videos below to see Carmada in live action. Also check out their Soundcloud, Instagram, and Website for anything Carmada related you wish to see.



Derek Fletes
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