Adopted EDM Sauce family TwEQ and DrDee bring you two hours of bass music and new goodies tonight as they drop in on RDU 98.5 with a new week in a new studio to bring you another episode of Glitch in the System. This week marks a new era in music with some outstanding breakout releases.

Thank you for listening and supporting! The show is supported by names like Slurp Music, Adapted Records, Westwood Recordings, LOOP, Muti Music, Enigmatik Records, Simplify Records, Pooty Club, Elektro Shok, Play Me Records, Monstercat, Omelette Records, and many other artists and friends.

At the top of the hour in each show, we countdown our favorite glitch hop tracks of the week in ascending order. Our goal is to feature some of the top glitch-style releases in the past week and highlight. For track consideration on the show, send your tunes to

This week features some outstanding releases which gave little room for error to the masses. Massive EP's with Koan Sound, a debut EP from Beat Fatigue on Gramatik's Lowtemp label, Sunsquabi with an incredible debut EP on Adapted, Kingfisha‘s 2012 album Remixed with a featured Funk Hunters edit via their label Westwood, and a track off Griff‘s new album “Unstuck in Time.”

Some other great singles to check out: Schwarr & Crazy Daylight with “Gurning Man,” JPOD's Temptations Remix, and new music from Andreilien.

WHEN: Stay up late, America. The Show is live on air from 7:30-9:30 P.M. on Wednesday in New Zealand which is now midnight – 2 A.M. PST Tuesday (tonight) here in the US (2-4 AM on East Coast). Check out our podcasts on Mixcloud to hear some full shows over the past few weeks.

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