Get your fill of glitchy bass music for two hours tonight with our great hosts, TwEQ and DrDee, as we bring you the best new music from across the globe with plenty of entertainment. This is episode sweet 16! Thank you for listening and supporting! Make sure to wish co-host Muz a happy birthday! He celebrated last Thursday in New Zealand (Wednesday here, they are in the future – literally and musically sometimes).

Show support comes in weekly from all the best: Slurp Music, Adapted Records, Westwood Recordings, LOOP, Muti Music, Enigmatik Records, Simplify Records, Pooty Club, Elektro Shok, Play Me Records, and many good folks in the glitch community.

At the top of the hour in each show, we bring you a countdown of our top glitch hop tracks of the week in ascending order. We try to feature some of the top glitch-oriented tracks released within the past seven days and also highlight some lesser known artists that made great tunes.

This week features the reigning Beatport glitch #1 track of the week, “Walker Texas Flanger” by Khurt, followed by a preview tune that was uploaded by Koan Sound on their upcoming album in early May. We've also got a new track from Virtual Riot, the False Panic remix from Play Me Records as one of their Jazz Cat Funk Remixes (Riot), and another funky remix from Sugarbeats.

For track consideration on the show, send your tunes to

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