Flosstradamus & GTA & Lil Jon together??? Yes! If you are already aware of the music each has done, then you can assume that this trio is nothing but trouble! But, the good kind of trouble of course.

We will always recognize Lil Jon‘s voice in any song, he is forever famous do to his popular sky rocketing song ‘Get Low‘ and he continues to make appearances today all around the music industry; forever famous. GTA continues to thrive with their latest DTG: Vol 1 release and now this new track ‘Prison Riot‘ is found in Flosstradamus' new EP, along with track ‘Soundclash.'

Lil Jon is known for making party music and this track would not have been the same without his vocals. His vocals are chemically balanced with Flosstradamus' and GTA's sounds. Take a listen

“Middle fingers up, if you don't give a f*ck!”

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