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Rivals Ep
Rivals Ep


Rivals EP – Astronaut & Barely Alive

The EP has landed! Astronaut and Barely Alive bring some of the hottest new dubstep tracks.


Shortly after being released the greatly anticipated ‘Rivals’ Ep reached critical acclaim, so we figured we’d give you a few days to listen to it all, get a good impression…

I don’t know about you but all I have been doing is listening to these new tracks, and if you haven’t heard them all yet- I highly recommend you do!

Upon first listening, the two styles of the artists can be easily heard. The pristine sounds – harsh and ready to lay waste to your eardrums – carry influences from multiple genres and the both artist’s own unique flair that they have both come to be know for respectively. And while many collaborations can seam a bit one sided, rivals is exactly what is sounds like… Rivalry.

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A rivalry between styles that switch intermittently throughout the tracks provided fun and unexpected turns ranging form cosmic synths from Astronaut to the grimy, undead growls of Barely Alive. In fact, this kind of producing is rare. While most producers collaborate to create “one sound” –  a fusion of styles – these two EDM prodigy’s take turns expressing what made them famous.

Featuring four lively songs each delivering similar sound yet completely different vibe. Some Kind of Monster, Raga, Bad Fellas and of course, Rivals. The most popular of which thus far is “Bad Fellas” taking us for a funkier ride then most (from uptown funk to get lucky rehashing discotheque styles seam to be making a recurrence in even the most developed of EDM genres. A.K. A Funk is is Turnt up right now). Hence making this one the most popular of the bunch. Take it from me however, you do NOT want to stop there. Keep reading and listening as the next few tracks have something equally significant to offer – Raga is not Bear Grillz or the famous twins, its a banger With some interesting twists! While some kind of monster is exactly what it sounds like as well, with sounds taking you for a ride on some kind of mutant, monster grind. As you can see, there is never enough adjectives to describe the epicness of the songs Rivals has to offer. Speaking of which, the headline track is my personal favourite, it seams to just ooze that Monster Cat sound and describes the contrast between the two artists perfectly. All in all, the combined duo couldn’t be anything less then the dubstep & electro album of our digital dreams.

If you haven’t heard the songs yet or if you wanna listen to them again go right ahead, once again you will not be disappointed!

Listen Below:

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Remember to buy and support the artist’s who make Rivalries like this a reality! Find more of Astronauts infamous “Eggplant genre below”, remember to rate comment and scubscribe.


Listen on!

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