As the dust has settled around Knife Party‘s smash hit “Boss Mode” I'm sure many of us were thinking it couldn't possibly get any better than the original, right? My dog Kayzo can answer that for you: WRONG. The dude with the hardest of styles blessed us with this hybrid hardstyle trap piece of absolute madness yesterday, and my legs might break from all the jumpstyle I've been doing. The transition between 808 and the signature hardstyle kick drum is on that DDR 100% perfect level. Not to mention the lead synths are beautifully redesigned, and keep the original melody in tact. You couldn't ask for a better remix, and if you can present me with one, I'm gonna buy you dinner. Check it out and enjoy the free download below.

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Carter Rowland
Hey there! my name is Carter Rowland, a 20 year old from Houston, Texas that's moved to California in the name of music. While I'm following my dreams and attending Icon Collective, I also take time to write things about my inspirations in the industry. If you enjoy all forms of electronic music lets be friends!