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All Grown Up – An Interview with Mr. FijiWiji

Last Friday, Monstercat's 18-year-old prodigy, Mr. FijiWiji, released his latest EP, appropriately titled ‘Growing Up'. Inspired by Mr. FijiWiji's recent move to college, the EP is a prime example of the young producers maturity as an artist. Looking back at Mr. FijiWiji's tracks over the years, from his legendary remix of deadmau5's ‘Strobe' to his Tritonal collaboration ‘Seraphic, it might be tough to see the change, but after listening to ‘Growing Up', one can certainly tell Mr. FijiWiji is, not only growing up, but also growing up as an artist.


[pull_quote_left]We think too much and feel too little. – Charlie Chaplin[/pull_quote_left]

I include Mr. Chaplin's famous quote from The Great Dictator, not because of Mr. FijiWiji's incredible use of the quote in the ‘Strobe‘ remix, but because the quote can be used to show how people currently tend to treat music; although people do not seem to ever truly think, or at least not think much, of the music they listen to, people never seem to sit down, listen, take in, and feel the beauty of the music at all. ‘Growing Up' is an EP that you must let sink into your very soul and you will feel the true beauty of Mr. FijiWiji's music, of Mr. FijiWiji's art.

Wow, absolutely brilliant, each track, each their own unique trip into a beautiful soundscape! I have nothing, but love, for this true talent, Mr. FijiWiji, and I am happy I had the pleasure of asking the young man (he isn't a kid anymore!) a few questions…

Q: Personally, my favorite track on the album is ‘Yours Truly', which you teased the EP with a few weeks ago. Danyka Nadeau's voice is gorgeous, how did you get into collaboration with her? Also, is there anything else you would like to mention about the track?

“Danyka and her management are extremely hardworking and ambitious. I started working with them for two main reasons; 1. She’s talented, hardworking, and gets things done fast. 2. She and her management were not afraid to ask.”

Q: So ‘Yours Truly' is my favorite track, but do you have a favorite track on the EP?

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“I feel like this is the first body of work where I’m proud of it in its entirety. There isn’t one track I favor over the others. They all rely on each other.”

Mr FijiwijiQ: Now, leaving the EP, ‘Seraphic' with Tritonal, a massive collaboration indeed! How did the collaboration with Tritonal come to be and what was it like working with such a huge duo?

“From what I know, Chad and Dave get a lot of their inspiration from chill music. I was an artist they enjoyed listening to, so they wanted to work with me on a chill track. Working with a predominantly known group like Tritonal can be really intimidating. You have to balance being yourself and being humble enough to let their expertise take precedence. Overall, like all collaborations, it was a learning experience.”

Q: Also, I hear you have a live show planned in your future, could you elaborate on what you are planning?

“Things are in the works but It’s way to early to make comment yet.”

Q: Lastly, a personal question; I myself am in my first year of college and am curious, is there anything you would like to tell the world about yourself? I mean anything, what else you like to do for fun, favorite artists, songs, movies, anything fun you care to share?

“I’m a busy guy. Most of my time is spread between working on school, working in the lab, sleeping, eating, and working on music. I am human though and can’t work every possible second, even though I’d prefer to. I enjoy playing my 3DS. I primarily play Pokémon and Smash. I am a big Breaking Bad fan and can’t wait to binge watch Better Call Saul when I get on break. But when I’m back at home and not at school, there is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than just laughing with family and friends.”

I would like to thank Mr. FijiWiji and his management, as well as Mr. Conor Systrom and Monstercat for this lovely opportunity, and I hope everyone enjoys this gem of an EP as much as I did!

Mr. FijiWiji's ‘Growing Up' EP is available for purchase on iTunes, Beatport, and Bandcamp, buy your copy or listen on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify today!

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