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JackLNDN Talks Shitty Weather and Bassnectar at Red Rocks

JackLNDN as an artist had an absolutely stellar year in 2014. Between releases that were covered by any blog that knows what is good for them, to an incredible performance at TomorrowWorld, the producer/DJ pushed himself from an artist to watch, to an artist YOU NEED TO BOOK. So how does he plan on continuing his meteoric rise and what exactly makes this mysterious cat tick? Well lucky for us we were able to catch Jack in between studio sessions and tour dates to pick his brain a little bit. Before you read any of that though, check out this remix its the stuff dreams are made of.

So when I hear JackLNDN, I automatically think of the author Jack London. Maybe it was the American education in me coming out, and how I was forced to read ‘To Build a Fire' 3 times in elementary school, (still think I would fail to build one stuck in an Alaska winter). Regardless it is a unique name for an artist. So where did it come from?

Actually the name didn’t come from the author, but from a nick name that I was given while living abroad. I think it was easier than saying Jack from London, and it stuck when I started spinning in the local club. I’ve been meaning to grab a copy of one of his books though, I feel it’s only right I give him a read since we share the same name.

jack LNDN

As much of a revered author as Mr. London is, I can safely say that JackLNDN's work has topped his name predecessor in my opinion. But as Jack London's inspiration came from the unexplored territories of America. I was curious where Jack from London's inspiration lies. Aphex Twin, another England native recently commented on the insanity of local weather as source of creativity. Was this a shared point of view for all fellow Englishmen or did time spent isolated in the North make for Aphex Twin to start to lose it a little bit?

My musical inspiration is always hard to pin point because the spectrum of what I listen to is fairly wide, and quite often not electronic music. When you’re making a certain type of music in the studio all day you wan't to relax to something a little different in the evening. I guess I grew up in a family that listened to classical, jazz and disco in equal measure so that manifests itself in the music I write. There’s also never a time when I’m not in the mood for some hip-hop.
Aphex Twin are right, there is something about the shitty weather in England that promotes creativity. The rainiest of rainy days are probably the best for some of the more mellow sounds I play around with. If I’m ever not feeling it, I usually head along the river to the park for a run and that usually does the trick. You can go a little nuts if you spend to many consecutive days in the studio haha.

Peoples tastes seem to be maturing and proliferating across the board. Not everyone is looking for the huge, high energy drop anymore, people are looking for a little bit more soul, a little bit more musicality and a bit more of an edge.

For an artist who played a festival the size of TomorrowWorld JackLNDN has been able to get a perspective on music on a global scale. America is in a period of transition. Only a year ago heavy electro and minimal drops were the king of the festival main stage, but now fans are trading in their Neon tank tops for black v-necks in favor of deeper club music. JackLNDN had some insight into this change of tides. His words came off as humble yet undeniably prophetic.

I think dance music in America is on a great path. I’m really excited at the way things are moving. Peoples tastes seem to be maturing and proliferating across the board. Not everyone is looking for the huge, high energy drop anymore, people are looking for a little bit more soul, a little bit more musicality and a bit more of an edge. As long as people are open minded to new types of music, artists will keep making them. I kind of feel as if genres get a touch oversaturated, and as a concept are now a bit pointless anyway and quite often mislabelled. Some persons idea of deep house for example, may vastly contradict another and I think If we, the wider community moved away from trying to categorise music we would see even more exploration from artists and listeners alike.

I’ve been steadily putting out remixes and will of course continue to do so, but there's also a bunch of original stuff on it’s way.

I think you can tell a lot about someone by their favorite movie. For example, if anyone says their favorite movie is something based on a Nicholas Spark's book, I immediately know I do not like them or what they stand for as a person. So of course I had to indulge my curiosity and ask Jack. What is his favorite film? His answer gives more credence to the idea that Jack is just a down to earth guy, with a special gift for creating sonic intrigue with his music.

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Would probably have to be Anchorman. I think because it’s so quotable (although its been over quoted, at least by me anyway) but also the way it’s made. I’m a big fan of those types of movies where they improvise a lot of the final material. When it's done well, you end up with something much stranger than the average film. I think at one point I knew most of the lines in it, I actually once loaded the audio from the film onto my ipod and would listen to it while I was walking around. So cool right?


So what does the future hold for Jack from London? Well lucky for us, 2015 looks bright as can be for the artist. JackLNDN has already been announced as support on some incredible shows. In addition to performance announcements Jack has a slew of new music coming for us this year. We cannot wait to hear and see what is next from JackLNDN. I will leave you with his plan for 2015 and his latest mix down below. It's been a pleasure Mr. LNDN. Talk again soon.

2015 is the year of original music for me. I’ve been steadily putting out remixes and will of course continue to do so, but theres also a bunch of original stuff on it’s way. I’m looking forward sharing it and playing it out on the road and seeing what people think. I will be coming back to the states soon for some shows & festivals and was excited to be announced on support for Bassnectar at Red Rocks in a few months. I know its a bit of an honour to play there so I feel very lucky. One of the things I want to do this year is to bring more live elements into my performances. It’s certainly an area I’m actively exploring and fresh challenge that I’m really enjoying. Watch this space.

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