“The butterfly
Perfuming its wings
Fans the orchid”

Above is a haiku by the famous Japanese Poet Matsuo Basho and the inspiration for “Butterfly” by producer ISTILLFEELIT. This song serves a beautiful and ambient musical representation of the movements of a butterfly on an orchid flower. While this action may seem basic on a visual level, a music representation really exhibits movement through every synth and drum kick strategically placed. A definite sense of slow motion action is exuded through the slow developing feeling of this track. Environment and atmosphere are really a big part of this composition and you can feel that emanating from every beat through the ending. For more similar sounds, be sure to check out ISTILLFEELIT on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Hey hey! What's up? My name is Derek and I'm 25 years old. I love writing, good company, and Soundcloud. Just trying to find my place in the world. Open minds and good vibes are important. Sharing a song that somebody instantly connects to makes me happy. Let's be friends on Soundcloud.