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Julian Jordan
Julian Jordan

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On The Rise: An Interview With Julian Jordan

“I have to say, I really like people that just do their own thing and don't follow the hype.
I know labels are looking for fresh tracks that could be the new hype!
So don't follow the hype, create it!”

The ultra talented DJ does just that, staying true to himself, and trying to be original and fresh every time! If you need some proof, just listen to his latest track ‘Angels x Demons'. Julian described the track as melodic house (which is a genre he's really into at the moment), so that's the direction he went and it worked out perfectly.

“A melodic tune that Goes off in the clubs! I called 2 singers / songwriters to see if they could write something on it, and they did an awesome Job, so thanks Arie storm & Lynn Olsen!”

For anyone not familiar with Julian, he burst onto the scene at the age of 16 and hasn't looked back. Now at the age of 19, he continues to build a hype and following with each and every release. He is currently working on a track with his good friend, Martin Garrix, and also has 2 brand new solo releases coming soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for those. This is not the first time he has collaborated with Martin, in fact, back in 2012 they came together on the massive track ‘BFAM'.

Since they are such good friends and roughly the same age, it had me wondering if Martin's recent success motivates him to work even harder. “Yeah ! I play with him a lot and i love to be on tour with him! It motivates me a lot to see a young DJ like Martin take over the world.” They actually give each other advice all the time, too. Naturally, garnering success at such a young age can sometimes change who you are as a person, so I had to ask about how Julian stays humble and grounded. “It's not hard to stay humble haha! I really love my career. Meeting all these amazing & inspiring people everywhere is what I love the most, but sometimes the tour life is pretty hard & tiring, so i try to sleep when it's possible during the day.” When Julian is not producing, on tour, or sleeping, he loves going outside with friends and just hanging out. “When I'm home I try to spend enough time with my family & friends because I'm on tour a lot.” Life on tour must be hard and exhausting but well worth it to play your music to fans around the World.

With traveling the World touring, it was only right to ask Julian about some crazy stories while on tour. “Eeeh I see a lot of weird stuff on tour haha! I really loved the Doorn bus tour though. We partied almost every night! So we found this doll and called him sneeuwpupke. There was a hype going on the internet about him haha. So we took him to every gig!”. The doll actually has a Twitter and Instagram account (see photo below).
Julian Jordan

Julian Jordan is ending 2014 with a bang, performing as a part of Martin Garrix New Year's Eve at Pier 36 in NYC. If you are in the area, be sure to check him out. I truly believe Julian has what it takes to become the next big thing in EDM.He has the sound, the passion, the personality and it doesn't hurt being good friends with Martin Garrix either. If 2014 was a preview of whats to come with Julian Jordan, then we will all be in store for something special in 2015. I can't wait!


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