In case your Thanksgiving weekend didn't leave you full enough, we've got just the cure for that Monday post-holiday rejuvenation session. Get your jam face on and ready for a journey with Play Me Records first round draft picks of new music, AKA their New Blood Compilation mix. This is their fifth volume of the New Blood series. There are a total of 16 tracks here that will rock your socks with the best up and coming glitch hop, electro, trap, bass, dubstep, and everything in between.

It's not fair to compare or pick one or two from this bunch and nit pick but there are a few that stand out. If you're looking for electro, check out “Gamer” by Bugloud. This one's got all the high-intensity, massive energy that you would expect from someone like Far Too Loud. If you need some trap, “Pathogen” by Dead Cymbals is a great tune filled with dark and evil filth that you can bump and grind to. If you love mid tempo bass music with trap/moombah, “Rocka” by Prismo is a must-hear. For some glitch and bass, look out for “Aural” by Serenity. This one has some thick glitch wobbles and a fat bass that goes hard.

Have a listen and share your personal favorites with us in the comments. For the EDM music lover, this is a hand-picked list that you have to go through for future listening. Support the compilation HERE on Beatport. Check it out: