Whoa! Get ready for some uplifting vibes with chill “future bass” that will put you in the proper state. This new tune from Jameston Thieves is called “Baeby” and it's got a lead melody that's classy and retro but turns fun chill trap. This one truly has it all: wobbles, jazzy riffs, trap beats, video game-style electro¬†and some cool vocal chopping. If you're familiar with Kuma, it's a similar vibe and feel-good energy.

Click here to snag this one over at Beatport! Jameston Thieves is on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. He's recently been featured on Play Me Records, Audiophile Live, and Tackle Records. This one is out today on Solstice Records, make sure to follow them for more new music! Jameston Thieves is Jake Maloney from San Francisco, California. Listen to “Baeby”: