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Quintino Reveals Secrets About His Latest Track-Fatality [Premiere and Interview]


Hailing from the Netherlands, Quintino has been sweeping the dance scene across the world with his originals and remixes that encompass a diverse collection of sounds, keeping fans guessing of what has yet to come. Today, Under Spinnin Records, Quintino released ‘Fatality', an edit of a track originally by Pep and Rash, that has already received support from many. ‘Fatality' features a vibrant mix of airy synths tastefully contrasted with unexpected deep house elements. As the song builds, bursts of short hollers and whoops give the piece a wild, free-spirited tropical vibe. Although the track feels pretty intense during the drop, Quintino expertly balances the texture of the piece with interludes of melodic chord progressions, creating an overall inviting atmosphere for fans to let loose.

Before you check out this tune, EDMSauce had the opportunity to interview the mind behind the music.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
I look back and could not believe how far I’ve made it, the number one spots on the chats, every year it keeps getting more and more crazy for me. I never have expected this. Everything is just getting better and better, I am such a happy kid!

What is your greatest strength as a DJ and producer?
Diversity. I always try to mix up everything, blend different types of music. From hip hop to electro, I mix in everything to make it more special, I think it's really important.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration for producing?
There are a few. Tiesto! He started 25 years ago and his music every year evolves into a new sound. It's pretty cool. There is also Calvin Harris, he does something no one has done before by crossing into mainstream [pop] music. It kind of special how he is doing that.

Do you have any advice for young producers?
Everyone today wants to be a DJ, the key is though, to produce as much music as possible. It will separate you from the rest of the millions of DJs around the world.

You placed 86th on DJ Mag's top 100, what are your thoughts on this widely talked about ranking system?
For me it's not about numbers, as long as people are having fun at my shows and coming out, I don’t care what number I am. It's important but to me it's much more important to make people at my shows smile and to get them having a good time, I don’t care if I'm 90 or number 1, my fans matter most. It shouldn’t be a competition it should be more focused around the music.

What is the process behind each supersonicQ radio episode?
I like to give the crowd the music I like, or that I don’t always play. It's basically a total 360 model of my music.

And finally, after much anticipation, Quintino discusses his new track, ‘Fatality'.

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In 3 words describe your latest track, ‘Fatality'.
It's danceable, fun, and friendly.

Describe your production process for the track.
The original track was one that I really enjoyed listening to. We worked on it together [Pep, Rash, and I], changed some elements, and I really liked it. When we finally finished it, everyone was really happy about it. I've been playing it for a while now.

How does fatality compare to your other tracks, ‘Slammer' and ‘Go Hard'?
Others were louder, more festival, this one is definitely more intense.

Without further adieu, Quintino's ‘Fatality'. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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