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Faethoms – HGB

Faethoms is an Orlando based collective of drummers that have taken on the electronic music world, pushing their love of all drums into a new domain via production of their full range of sounds. The trio has an unlikely story that resulted in their current arrangement – but they have no doubt got the production skills needed to make waves in the electronic music world. Producers come from all walks of life from the classically trained pianists, to the kids with a demo and a dream – but we don’t hear of that many collective that came to form in the way that Faethoms did – which makes them stand out, but it’s not just the story, because the music’s got a little something extra to it as well.

‘HGB’ starts life as an arp Synth that carries the intro drums and elements into a crescendo – clearly working towards a breakdown. The pitch rises and the tension follows before ‘HGB’ opens out into a broken down peace before the main synths arrive. The break’s first real talking point is the dominant lead. A contrast of modern EDM sounds and a touch of classic, almost Sega-like tones makes the lead bright and uplifting, doing the Job of introducing the main melodic elements. There’s a nod to their pasts as drummers mid-break too as a kick pattern booms under the leads in a rhythm less than obvious for electronic dance music, but more apparent in the fills and breaks of more traditional acoustic bands. It’s only a subtle touch, but no doubt a traceable influence from their earlier years in music. The main leads although euphoric, aren’t over the top or full-blown in comparison to a lot of current releases on a similar tip – but they do just enough to be euphoric, without over doing it. The big buildup sends all channels into a frenzy of risers and FX modulations before the main drop hits with a chaotic array of synths and bass. There are plenty of percussive elements, saws, original synths and a bunch of FX, risers, fills and more that glue the production together in a really nicely presented package from the Faethoms boys.

Stating their love for new and fresh music, the Faethoms team is working hard to please their followers both in the studio and on the road. With intentions to bring a live show into the minds of all electronic dance music fans, they’re a determined pack of talents that are making the right steps towards achieving their musical mission.

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