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Exclusive Interview with Up and Coming Group Dynohunter

Throughout my time as a blogger of Electronic Music and a general lover of music, I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with some great personalities. Among my most cherished run-ins was with the three magnificent dudes of Dynohunter; Clark, Justin and Fred. Hailing from the town of Boulder, Colorado, this trio has been quite active both on tours and local shows. As luck would have it, I managed to interview these three regarding all manner of their origins, outlook and influences into their sound and formation. After accepting an invite to their Boulder pad for lunch, we managed to sit down and begin to probe their thoughts.

DYNOHUNTER Press Photo 2

Beginning as I usually do when I am curious about a group of musicians, I asked them where the name Dynohunter came from. The response was an odd but satisfying one, I thought at first. “It’s a persona, almost of the type of person who would listen to our music” Justin said as he leaned forward in his seat. Clark added “It’s a vibe, it's a vision.”  Fred wanted to know if I meant literally where it started and I replied “Well sure.”

Taking a deep breath, Clark said “There was a joke factor at first, and then we started making tracks and it ended up fitting pretty well so we let it stick,”  Clark took a sip of his beer and continued “It's a sound, persona and vibe all converging at once. “

Where do you see yourselves a year from now? I asked them. Fred's answer was “We just love playing shows, we love connecting with audiences and individuals. We are most certainly happiest when we are on stage, so we just wanna be playing for more and more people feeling their energy.”  pausing to grin and take a breath, he continued; “It’s exciting to see more and more fans come out and getting to connect to people from all over the world.  The 6 week tour we did from February to March was the longest tour we had done up until that point.” Clark expanded and said “It was a very eye-opening experience because we realized that we all saw ourselves doing it again.  But we have been recieving good signs from the universe. We spent New Years at String Cheese and found each other right before the bell dropped. We knew from that point on that 2014 was gonna be a big year.” Justin added, “It sorta became our motto, but to answer your question, in a couple years we want to be steady in the festival circuit, playing as much as we can.

Fred and Justin both completed each other's sentence with;”We envision as the ideal experience for our shows to be a very multi-media, sensory-rich experience. Clark went on to say “We want to eventually include full cinematics and visuals that really portray what we think of when we say Dynohunter.” Interested, I asked him to give me scenario of where his music would be played if anywhere. “That’s kinda the vibe is an ancient-future thing.

It’s like the Mayans meeting up with space travelers and having a massive party. It goes into our album artwork that we have currently as well. Vistas of other-worldly, alien places,  that help to transport the audience to our worldly visions. The goal is to blow people’s minds.

After a brief pause in recording attributed to important phone calls, I began to ask about their musical inspirations and where their muses came from. A lot of other art and artists, I imagine music is quasi-visual when I hear it and feel it. A couple of other movements we like are the Detroit and Chicago House Scenes, or the Punk/Alternative scene in the 90s. Anything representing this essence of freedom and self-expression is stuff we enjoy and draw widsom and growth from.” Freddy pointed out that “Yeah, we get branded in the Jamtronica scene but as a group, I would say we are more influenced by the dance music scene. We are instrumentalists by origin and we love the magic that happens by a jam band but we are drawn to the high energy and the modernity of dance music. We are trying to bring the vibe and closeness of a Jam show like Tribe or even more so Phish, to the energy of a rave.” How about some examples, I querried. “Mat Zo can do no wrong by us, and M Machine has been absolutely killing it.” Pausing to drink, Clark said, “Madeon and Oliver Heldens are also a couple artists that have been filling our ears as of late.”


As of late, the trio have been sporting their recently released Grassroots California custom hat run. With the inside and main logo designed by Kurt Redeker, who has influence from quite a few ideologies and cultures. I personally prefer the fitted black version. Texture addicts will notice that the brim on the hat is made of suede and the design on the underside of the brim offers more for the aficianado to appreciate.  Click here for a brief overview and a sampling of Kurt's art. Justin, Clark and Freddy can be found beginning their Fall tour as of today, the 11th of October at Joshua Tree Music Festival in CA before dipping into the warm relief that is Florida before rocking back up to Colorado for a few shows. Make sure to check out the tour dates at the bottom of the page to get your dose of Dynolovin. Of particular interest is the show on the 31st where they will open for The Werks vs Zoogma Halloween show, with tickets being only $20 in advance here. Also, as an added bonus, most of the songs are available for free download through Soundcloud or Facebook

Below check out images of Dynohunter's cover art, their two new styles of hats mentioned above, as well as an 2014 Official Video, which was released in January.




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