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4D Sound Will Change The Way You Listen To Music

Yep. 4D music is now a thing. Paul Oomen, an Orchestra composer, has teamed up with Ableton to create 4D sound. My tiny brain cannot even conceive of how this is possible, but apparently with 16 columns of speakers (each consisting of 3 speakers) and 9 subwoofers positioned on the floor, sounds coming from up to 57 channels can be heard in a real environment. You will also feel (obviously) and SEE the vibrating air from the music.
This is a massive step to the future. We have things like the Naonext Crystal Ball which are small steps, but then we have the “giant leap for mankind.”

The long term potential of 4D music is pretty much unknown. Potentially we could make music that is at different (currently unhearable) frequencies. Or you could stand in a room and be surrounded by music that you can actually see.

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