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Justin Jay: New Mini-Documentary With Nest HQ

Justin Jay is a young, up and coming artist who is ready to take the world by storm. He is becoming exponentially more popular everyday, playing at venues from New York, to even HARD Summer in LA.

If you are not familiar with Jay's work, it is definitely worth the listen. He throws a disco-spin on sounds and structures that could be heard as deep house or even moombahton. This guy will leave you feelin' funky fresh, and ready to embrace whatever life has in store for you.

Justin is a young guy, who is filled with talent. He is currently studying at USC, which is oddly humbling. Jay's experience goes to show that young producers, with dreams that reach through the clouds, can eventually live their dream with hard work and dedication, regardless of age or class.

Now cmon', thats just too damn inspirational. Give this mini-documentary a look, you will not regret it.

Justin Jay has had an outrageous year, especially because he has blown all of us away with his EP Instincts. He also recently released his single “Bounce and Break” which can be downloaded for free on his Soundcloud! Give it a listen and a download here!

Follow Justin on all of his social media, to see when he'll be in a town near you. You're gonna wanna be at his show the next time he's around!

Ok folks! Stay tuned for more info on Justin Jay, here at! Your #1 source for electronic dance music!

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