‘You Sexy B*tch’ is energetic, slamming, heavy on the bass and is a serious head bopper – all typical traits of Dario’s previous work. It’s always good to see young producers come through at such a quick pace and Dario’s a fine example of the new young guns that are flying up the EDM pecking order at alarming speeds. The track kicks off with dramatic FX risers and quickly snaps into a Melbourne Bounce drop that’s not particularly fast in tempo, but full on in the energy and bass departments. The grinding bassline warps over the kick drums, which are left to a simplistic pattern – letting the juddering lead modulations take the centre of the stage. Switching up the drops with a bunch of new takes on the original melody, there’s plenty of variation on the production, which keeps to a similar – but never tiring tune. Every section is beefed up with alternating vocal stabs, vinyl scratch fills and plenty of filter action leading into drops. The production quality is to a great standard and is a credit to the attention to detail of the young producer.