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Is this the future, or is this a toy?

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Future Technology – The Naonext Crystal Ball

DJ and music production technology is on the rise this year. Ranging from Deadmau5's Microsoft Live controller up to this little beauty:

This, is the Neonext Crystal Ball. It is described as the next step to the future. It has 5 sensors (presumably infared) which detect how close or far away your hand is. This then is turned into a signal and determines what kind of filter to apply, and how much. Using the button grid you can alter the the effect, instrument or overlay.

Basic idea of this, is instead of using knobs and buttons, you use your hands which should give you more freedom and accuracy.

This is a great idea, but I can't imagine what would happened if there was a live performance using the Neonext and somebody threw a can at the DJ which went through the sensor range. Oops!

And one question that EVERYONE asks is: will it break if I drive my car over it?

The guys at Neonext did their own research:

Is this the future technology? Or is it just a toy of the past?

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