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MTV EMA Awards:Best Electronic Music Artist

It's the time of the year again where your social media is spammed with pop stars begging for you to vote for them in the MTV VMA's which are held annually. Of course, the only category we care about is Best Electronic artist. And this year, it is no suprise at the nominees. I will run down the three nominees with a brief profile, best successes of the year and then I will give my own verdict.

Nominee 1: Afrojack

Not suprised at all about this. After producing the brilliant “The Spark” and reaching the Number 1 Spot on UK Top 40, as well as top 10 on iTunes for Ten Feet Tall AND Number one on beatport for Turn Up The Speakers Along with Martin Garrix, I do believe Afrojack deserves his nomination. He has been working on his new album “Forget the World” as well as making tunes with people such as Snoop Dog and Martin Garrix of course. But whether he compares to the two remaining contestants is unknown. He is a great DJ and producer, but he doesn't appeal as much to the Pop generation (Mostly teenagers) who are going to vote, so he might be a step down on that.

Nominee 2:Avicii

Avicii Bad Health
Again, not a suprise. Having hits such as Addicted to you and Wake me Up behind his belt, there was never a question on whether he will make the shortlist. He is a strong contestant for the title being very popular amongst Pop fans as well as EDM fans. Avicii is not going to tour for the next year as he announced, and so whether he will be nominated next year is a question of whether he continues producing.

Nominee 3:Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Beard
Again not a suprise. Summer and Blame of course are two of his most recent top 10s along with C.U.B.A. and Under Controll. Calvin Harris is of course one of the industry's top earner, bagging an incredibly $40m a year. Not only that, not that long ago he snatched the record for 1 billion plays on Spotify. Not a suprise that he is the favorite to win.

All in all, a strong line up. There is still questions to ask where is Tiesto? And Martin Garrix? Surely they had their good year and they deserve some credit for this? But even so, I still believe Calvin Harris is the one to beat. He is experienced, has a lot of success and also records. It is not set in stone however, and Afrojack has still got a chance for it just as much as Avicii and Harris. We will soon find out!

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