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Abandon Ship Knife Party
Abandon Ship Knife Party

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Knife Party’s New Album’ Abandoned Ship’ Leaks Another Track

“Abandoned Ship” by Knife Party is said to be one of the most anticipated EDM albums of the year. Not a suprise that so many people want to hear more and more tracks from the brilliant Knife Party.

If you are one of these people, then good news! Yet another track has leaked and it is titled “Boss Mode”.

The group behind hit songs such as “Antidote” are not doing a great Job with keeping their tracks hidden until release. However, it isn't easy with the amount of interest in the new album. This isn't a first time this track has been heard publicly. It has infact been played by a good friend of Knife Party Rob Swire and was said to had good feedback from the audience.

For now, we can say that the album is not focused on a single genre, after hearing the two other tracks “Begin Again” and “Resistance”.

“Abandoned Ship” is said to be released on 27th October. Will it make records? Or will it sink?

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