When first introduced to Young Heavy Souls, I was initially intrigued by the hook the name creates but even more that it was a Detroit based label. When I dug a little deeper and had the opportunity to discover the sounds I enjoyed most, I came across Nunca Duerma. Among ten artists featured on the brand, started only in 2011, I found myself entranced by his hip-hop based electronica sound. When I say entranced, I mean his single featured below has me sitting up at 6am listening to the slow rhythm jazzy vibe, accompanied by the outside rain. “Slap” is not only something to relax to, but it opens the door to discovering the innovative sound of Nunca Duerma and the entirety of the Young Heavy Souls world. Kick back and dive in.

Gianna L (Inactive)
Studying Journalism at Michigan State University. Looking forward to discovering new music and sharing some of my favorites. Go Green. Connect with me on Instagram: @giannaversace__ and Twitter: @gjlocricchio