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James Murphy & IBM Make Music from Tennis Data

Over the past few weeks, people have been able to go to IBM's website and take in a graphical and musical representation of different matches of the U.S Open, which continues into Monday. The sounds are generated by the actual data of each tennis match, certain sounds or instruments are played to represent all of the things that happened each match.

This project is a collaboration with IBM and the master known as James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem and co-founder of DFA Records. Each set of data is put through an algorithm, which turns points, serves, faults, etc. into sounds. Now, at the moment these matches are incredible raw and some sections are mostly just random noises in no particular sequence, but James plans to go through and remix the matches to form something a bit more cohesive. This is such a cool concept and I cannot wait to see what James can do with this, as there are a lot of matched that already sound like bases for pretty good tracks.

You can see all of the matches here, but they're still going on so there are more to come for sure. Keep a lookout for the polished remixes as well, which I for one am super excited for. So, make sure to check out this interesting piece of music right now! I think I'll go watch some tennis.

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