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Jahan Yousaf of Krewella Asks EDM Lovers for Action

To a true fan of electronic music, EDM is more than a genre, it is a way of life. Traveling around the world to a plethora of shows and festivals, we are surrounded by this unique lifestyle that pleads for peace, love, unity, and respect… but sometimes we forget. Being PLUR is to be a rebel, to be different. Because what is normal is so far from it.
We live in a world of hate.
Filled with racism. And sexism. And materialism. And lots of other unhealthy -isms.
When we leave these festival grounds, we get caught up, and we forget. The sense of joy, of being fulfilled, of being accepted and accepting fades, because we go back to the world that doesn't live those values.
But do we have to embrace the status quo of our world? Why can't we be rebels for longer than the weekend?
This message, this lifestyle, is what Jahan Yousaf of Krewella has been preaching during their sets, saying:

“We can coexist. Because if we go down, we all go down together.”

These few, but beautiful words of Jahan's were recently her closing message at the end of Krewella's Tomorrowland set, prior to playing their song ‘We Go Down', which has recently become the Krewella anthem. Jahan sees the love we have for each other at their shows, and she believes that we can translate that love into the real world, asking:

“I hope that tomorrow, when you go back to the real world, you can maintain this peace, love, and open-mindedness towards each other, can you please do that for us?”

What Jahan was asking is a beautiful call for EDM lovers everywhere to take action!

Jahan's Tomorrowland Speech

This was more than a one time plea though; Jahan also echoed these same feelings at Lollapalooza, in Krewella's hometown of Chicago, preaching:

“This city makes me feel young, it makes me feel like a kid again. And I know a lot of you guys are in these situations where you're stressed out, but as you're growing older, I want you to please remember, before you walk away today, to never lose your youthful spirit. I don't care how old you are, I want you to be present in this very moment, at all times, I want you to remember what it's like to be a child! Dance like you're a kid again, like you don't give a fuck, like you have no ego! This next one's called ‘We Go Down', if we go down, we all go down together, here we go!!””

Jahan's Lollapalooza Speech
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The Krewella Anthem – ‘We Go Down'

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