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SoundCloud Partners With Sonos, Now Filling Every Room
SoundCloud Partners With Sonos, Now Filling Every Room

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Sonos Announces Official Soundcloud Integration

Two words —

F*ing Finally.

SoundCloud Partners With Sonos, Now Filling Every Room

For the longest period of time I wanted Sonos to support playing songs from Soundcloud. It would annoy the hell out of me when I would find an awesome song, and know that I inevitably wouldn't be able to play it throughout the apartment as I went about my daily life. I would need to play it on my phone, and carry around my phone, or else play it on my Laptop with it's terrible speakers. What am I, a caveman? After many years of frustration, I eventually found one kind soul who had created an unofficial-hacked-together Soundcloud service for Sonos. It wasn't pretty.

Well Sonos users, today is a great day. Today is the day that Sonos has launched official Soundcloud integration!Now I can listen to those sweet beats with no hassle as I shower, or cook, or do other things that require background music (like dance around in my underwear).

Check it out yourself here.

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