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The Dirtiest Dubstep You Didn’t Know Existed: Obsologic (Free Downloads)

There's nothing more exciting than discovering a new DJ to fall in love with. Recently, I came across an up-and-coming dubstep producer who calls himself ‘Obsologic'. The world of bass EDM is overly saturated by so many different styles. Sometimes the energy that made dubstep so popular to begin with is forgotten about in lieu of a catchy vocal.

Obsologic got his start producing by watching a friend mess around in FL Studio. Being impressed by the power of the software, he decided to use his available resources to try producing himself. We're glad he did. Obsologic is a good example of hard work and determination leading to results. By watching videos and teaching himself, he's able to develop his own sound without any formal training.


We got to talk to Obsologic about his style, his sound, and his production. Despite constant criticism of the dubstep scene, he's able to look at the fun in production:

“I would say that my music is ‘music' to some people and ‘noise' to other people. I have fun doing it so I don't get bothered when people occasionally hate on the dubstep movement because I love bass and I'm not going to stop doing what I love for some twats! The style I go for is the more brutal side of electronic music, but I do have a hip hop side alias: Master Topi for when I want to make more laidback-experimental type of stuff.

Obsologic hand-picked some of his music for our readers. Each comes with a free download. If you like the tracks as much as we do, make sure you follow him on soundcloud and facebook.

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