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9 Songs That Make Dudes Cry


Okay so I am going to be approaching a topic in this article that might be deemed as sensitive to some. As the title suggests I will be exploring songs that are so emotional, or just so damn good that they will make even the most most aggressive, jaw clenching, neon bros well up with emotion and cry when heard live. Some of these you will probably expect, as some groups (that start with above and end with beyond) are known for their emotional vibes, others might be surprising. That being said, hear me out on ones you don't initially agree with, cause you might just end up hearing some classics in a new light. So without further adieu…

1. Daft Punk – Something About Us

Let me preface this explanation by saying – if this song has not made you get very introspective at least once then I feel sorry for you, as you probably have never experienced love. But with a relaxed minor chord progression and vocals that remind you of a love that was lost this one is an insta-tear-jerker. Some times love is just not meant to be, and Daft Punk reminds everyone of this in the most poignant way possible: a song that is depressing but just so incredible at the same time.

2. Kaskade – Eyes

‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.' That line right there is more than poetry. That should be inscribed down in some sort of permanent stone for future civilizations to see. Kaskade, one of the dons of making dudes cry, hits us with this ballad of personal reflection. Have you ever looked into someones eyes and just known it was not going to work out? Yeah, even if you haven't you can definitely imagine doing so. This song can be interpreted a thousand different ways, each unique to the individual listening; making for an absolutely unforgettable listening experience,

3. Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Penguin)

First off, if you are wondering why ‘Penguin' is in quotes up there, you are part of the problem. Now this one was hard to decide between the original or the vocal mix. Both are seriously emotional, as most early Avicii was. Between the light piano riff which sticks with you for days on top of the inspirational vocals this track is enough to push any guy into the next plane of euphoric transcendence (pictured below (found by googling ‘euphoric transcendence' and picking the first image that was not porn). If this one doesn't seem to fit for you, the next time you are alone in a car at night, pop this bad boy on and think. See what happens.

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Euphoric Transcendence

Euphoric Transcendence

4. Deadmau5 – Strobe

Yeah, yeah I know…I did not pick The Veldt. Deal with it. This song is literally perfect. 10 minutes of just absolute beauty. It starts off slow and orchestral and builds steam at such a slow pace that people with attention deficient disorders have enough time to get lost in a day dream for a good 5 minutes and get back to listening before the drop occurs. That is part of the magic of this song, especially when it is played out live in full. It is so long and melodic that it is impossible not to get lost in your own thoughts or the collective thoughts of everyone around you, depending on level of sobriety.

5. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind)

This was one of the first great modern progressive house tracks that perfectly encapsulated a euphoric build-up and drop. That is probably why it was heard at every festival set in late 2011 and 2012. This song is just happy, it does not make you think, or remember but it just makes you feel alive and in the moment. I have seen people so overcome with joy while hearing this bad boy live that tears stream down their faces. That might have happened to me before as well…(Electric Zoo 2011, Afrojack main stage).

6. Porter Robinson – Language

This song is another one that is truly a masterpiece. The chords, the synths and everything in between go together perfectly to create a track that is full of powerful emotion. By asking friends and peers I determined this track is most associated with bringing up some sort of feeling of nostalgia, almost like a montage of good memories flowing through the brain as the melody narrates it. This is another track that is overwhelming when heard live, and totally emotionally captivating.

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7. John Legend – All of Me (Dash Berlin Rework)

Dash Berlin is no stranger to creating emotional trance ballads. While so many of their songs are capable of being on this list I went with this one because John Legend makes guys cry for a living. In combination with J. Legend's vocals and D. Berlin's masterful, fluid build and drop, this track has enough emotion in it to kill a small to moderately sized animal. If you have been lucky enough to hear this one live at one of the summer festivals you know the intensity and power of it. Trance will make her dance, and trance will make him cry. Remember that guys.

8. Andrew Bayer – Once Lydian

Okay, so this is one that I have not talked to anyone else about to gauge if the feels were entirely personal or if it was universal. But Andrew Bayer is literally a god among men when it comes to music. The Anjunabeats veteran has Beatport trance chart #1's down to a science, cranking out 2 in the last few months alone. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to this track, which in my opinion will be song of the year (I say that with confidence in July), then please stop what you are doing, put this on and close your eyes. The sound design, the chord structure, the haunting piano that first clashes but then blends with the melody as the track drops into total euphoria is all just too much. This one is just beautiful, and totally ear porn. Sometimes beauty gets the best of me, I ain't afraid to admit it.

9. Above & Beyond – Sun and Moon



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Hey so from my experience this is what gets the best of us males at live shows and festivals. Obviously this list is totally incomplete so please leave what songs gets your feels going in the comments and hopefully we will have enough for a part 2. Thanks for reading and feeling with me!

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