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Why Beach Blanket Bingo Should Be On Your Festival List


Ahh the Jersey Shore. Tanned girls running around in bikinis and short shorts, jacked guys flexing in muscle tees, and miles and miles of warm sandy beaches. When you think of the Jersey Shore, or just New Jersey in general, you probably cringe a little bit from television shows portraying orange, steroid-induced-rage filled dudes, and crazy girls who love to start fights almost as much as they love cheetah print. However, New Jersey isn't as trashy as it seems. If you've actually ever been down the shore, at night time, the boardwalk lights up with colors from numerous rides, roller coasters, and ferris wheels. Children laugh as they try to win stuffed animals bigger than their little bodies can carry from different games. The whole scene comes alive both during the day and at night and has an aura of magic and childhood nostalgia.

This year, Philly Nightlife has brought the party to the beach, with Beach Blanket Bingo.

I've been to the Jersey Shore multiple times, and I've also been to numerous festivals. However, I have never been to a festival on the beach. There is something special about feeling the sand beneath your toes, breathing in crisp fresh air, and dancing wild as a cool ocean breeze caresses your body. Raving on the beach is invigorating, as nature and music intermingle into an atmosphere of exhilaration.

Beach Blanket Bingo booked great talent for a first time festival. Candyland, Cash Cash, Pegboard Nerds, 12th Planet, Gladiator, and LOUDPVCK preformed to a fairly small crowd which made for an extremely intimate experience with the artists.

Top 3 Sets of the Night

3. Cash Cash

Cash Cash opened their set with ‘Born in the USA'. Playing the classic Springsteen anthem was fitting for the New Jersey native trio. The three jumped on stage holding an American flag and urging the crowd to sing along with the tune. Shortly after, Cash Cash transitioned into their hit ‘Take Me Home' and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Water bottles were sprayed, girls held high on shoulders were belting their hearts out, and everyone stripped down to their bathing suits.

2. Pegboard Nerds

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Pegboard Nerds played a heavy dubstep set that incorporated many of their originals and remixes. Some of the crowd favorites were ‘Coffins' Misterwives and Pegboard Nerds, ‘Pressure Cooker' Pegboard Nerds, Nero's ‘Satisfy', and Martin Garrix's ‘Tremor'. This was the 3rd time I have seen the Nerds and every time I see them, they seem to get better and better. Pegboard Nerds incorporated electro, trap, dubstep in their set, and even some hints of glitch were thrown into the mix.

1. Candyland


Josie and Ethan have some of the best chemistry on stage as DJ partners in crime. Candyland's set boasted excellent song selection, skilled transitions, unpredictable yet pleasing set structure, and just radiated stunning energy overall. Anyone in the crowd could tell that Josie and Ethan were having a blast. Josie would take over spinning while Ethan pumped up the crowd by spraying water, and interacting with the audience. One of the best moments was during one of the last songs when Ethan jumped on Josie's back and Josie piggybacked Ethan across stage. The duo played many of their unreleased new songs including three tracks that are titled ‘Not Safe for Work', ‘Boom Tower', and ‘Breathless' among other crowd favorites such as their remix of Krewella's ‘Can't Control Myself', and ‘Sandstorm' (Candyland's OG Remix).

Beach Blanket Bingo had a very successful turn out for a first time festival. If you didn't attend this year, it is definitely a festival to have on your list next summer!


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