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FTAMPA Produces and Practices Music 10 Hours Per Day, Everyday

Brazilian producer Ftampa has always known he wanted a career in music – he had a band before he had a car. EDMSAUCE got a chance to interview this hot up and coming artist on his life, his music, his inspirations, and what's next. What struck us most about him, though, was the incredible dedication he has to music – it is clearly his passion.

In 2010, a cousin loaned a CD with Felguk's track “Do You Like Bass” on it. This track was the origin, the moment, that he felt the music. Ftampa says, “Since that moment I took it very seriously. It wasn’t something that grew on me with time; I was already all over it.” Shortly after that, he began producing originals and remixes. Not even 3 years later, FTampa was hearing his own track played on the mainstage at Tomorrowland, and was already known worldwide for his original productions, many of which were being remixed by international names. Nowdays, FTampa is draws inspiration from fellow producer Skrillex – “every song is flawless; I love them all.”
Success has seemed to suit the producer well. Despite a touring schedule, interviews, podcasts, and the like, he still finds time for his first love – making music. “I produce and practice about 10 hours per day everyday. Lately I’ve been touring more and it is a little bit more difficult but I always have my Laptop with me and that’s all is needed to start something new.””

His favorite track, he adds, is Kick it Hard. “I knew it had huge potential. It gave me a lot of happiness when I saw producers that I admired perform it at their events.” The process of making a track can be a lengthy one. Inspiration can come and go, and FTampa is huge on crowd feedback. I ask friends, artists, A&Rs, everybody, for honest feedback. If I'm truly happy with it, I start playing it at my shows and I watch for the crowd's reaction. I check if people are talking about it on the internet and what they are saying. Lots of key factors educate me about my own song.”

Admitting that it was ‘a little crazy' in 2013, FTampa said that its the music, and not success itself, that motivates him. “There are key points on artists’ careers that give this big boost but, from my perspective, this is a long run thing. I’ve been and will continue to dedicate my whole life to my music career.” He continued, “What keeps me moving on is the passion for music, and this no one can take it from me. I am sure that everyone that is on the highlights right now or a year ago worked really hard to be there. Success is good but is just extra. All that matters to me is to be happy with myself and know that people respect what I am doing. I hope I continue to make good music, make my fans happy and the rest is consequence. It sounds simple but I really mean it.

To wrap up the interview, we asked the hardworking producer if he had anything else to add, and he was all gratitude. “I would like to say thank you to my family, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Plus Talent, Braslive, and my supporters. Thank you for the questions and also big thanks for everyone that is taking the time to read it. I am in love for everything that is happening and I am very grateful each one of you that are supporting my career; a big THANK YOU!”

Support this awesome producer via his soundcloud, facebook, or twitter.

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