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Laidback Luke
Laidback Luke

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Laidback Luke Responds To Seth Troxler’s Jabs at Steve Aoki and EDM

Earlier this week, we shared an interview from Seth Troxler which called out the current state of festivals, Avicii and Steve Aoki.

In the interview Seth Troxler called out Steve Aoki… “You are not a fucking DJ. You’re an overpaid, untalented, cake-throwing cunt. My best friend Frank from high school is now my PA, and he’s in the Little League Hall of Fame for being a crazy good pitcher. We’re going to him with that cake, man. I’m coming for you, Aoki.”

Now Steve Aoki's longtime friend Laidback Luke has came to his defense. “I love Steve and he's a good friend. He works his ass off to be able to do this, said Laidback Luke. “He came from money and really doesn't need to do this for the money. He was already throwing cakes before he got into DJing. Steve is a performer, he comes from performing in punk bands so the stage is what he knows! The rafts came after hurting some people in the crowd from stage-diving. Which also makes sense with his band background. Now I know it doesn't make instant sense seeing this in a DJ setting, but knowing his background will make you look a little less like an ignorant prick. Plus the crowd laps it up!”

Laidback Luke also defended EDM not being a culture as said by Seth. Laidback Luke said “It most definitely is a culture! It’s a poppy culture at first sight, but has actually been around for ages. The US always had a big underground rave scene with ravers wearing baggy clothes, backpacks and Neon candy. They were doing their raver shuffle dance to trance, techno and electro house for over a decade. The EDM crowd is a young crowd; EDM is their introduction to the festivals, they fully believe and try and live the whole PLUR thing. To not call it a culture is a very narrow-minded view.”

Laidback Luke

[Source: Thump]

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