East Side Entertainment is bringing the creator of the Melbourne Bounce to Philadelphia. This is the crew that brought Will Sparks over for his first American performance last year. In case you were not able to experience what took place, you can get an idea from this video.

This time around East Side Entertainment and District N9ne are offering a unique experience for concert goers. The event is called ‘DJs, Cheesesteaks, and YOU'. It is a meet and greet before the concert kicks off at the South Philadelphia Landmark, Pat's King of Steaks. Will Sparks will be conducting a group interview at the restaurant as well as just hanging out and meeting his fans. Best of all the event is free to ticket holders! After everyone eats and the questions wrap up, they will head over to the District N9ne on 9th street and get the party started. As of right now the tentative start time for the meet, eat and greet is 8pm. The best way to stay up to date on developments is to follow ESE on twitter (@EastSideEnt_).


This is the perfect way to bring artists and fans together and will be a recurring event as the promotion company continues to bring big names to Philly. So get your tickets HERE, and come check out a once in a life time chance to have Philly's best sandwich with Australia's best DJ.

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