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Cosmopolitan Outrages The EDM Community With an Ignorant Post

Cosmopolitan recently covered a story on EDM festivals (Coachella) called the “15 Completely Insane Outfits You Can Only Wear At Coachella.” The post truly shows their ignorance about the EDM community and festivals as they open the story up with the following paragraph, “It's not that fringe, cutoffs, tutus, bikinis, and even flower crowns are never wearable IRL, but all at once? In neon? With crystals? And fur boots? I can't. ”

Throughout the article, Cosmopolitan makes fun of the “stupid” bracelets ravers wear as well as a list of 14 other Clothing items we ravers wear.



The top comment goes to Maddy who said it best… “We go to places like this because we can wear whatever we want. All those “stupid” bracelets represent Peace Love Unity and Respect which is a code hopefully many of the people on this list follow. Thanks again Cosmo, for posting about a culture you clearly don't understand. Maybe you guys should stick to blowjob tips.”

Read the full article here.

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