Justin Blau has been a steady and constant force in the last couple years. Ever since giving up the reliable financial career path and pursuing his passion in music, 3lau hasn't stopped flourishing. Over 3 fulfilling years he has gone from mixing and remix specialist to producing his own tracks and they are absolutely fantastic. Today he posted this preview on Facebook of ‘How You Love Me' ft. Bright Lights who gives some great vocals. The post was paired with a foreshadowing message of lots of new music coming from him.

“3 years into 3LAU & I'm finally ready to show you the next chapter, with many new original releases in the next few months. This 1st one has been hiding for too long.
If you like the song, it would mean the WORLD to me if you could spread the love by Liking & Sharing this post, even Tag a friend that might like it too! Thanks so much!
<3 Justin" As you can see, this will be released on March 18th and look for more coming soon from Mr. 3lau!

Hello Friends! My name is Zack and I'm what I call a music enthusiast, a fan of lots of genre's but my "go to" for a while has been the growing electronic side of productions. I love all different kinds of creativity expressed by people whether it's art, music, athletics, written word…anything that shows more about that person and what their passions are. Currently I am living in Nazareth, Israel interning with Young Life Youth Ministry. It's been a privilege to experience another part of the world. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and do my best to become a better me daily. Live with love and stay positive :) God Bless dropva.com is a clothing company project I'm involved in - check it out if you like