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Telrae Mix by Salz Vol. 3

Follow them into the abyss of mystery and low frequency driven music with Salz. Panning, Reverb, and some effects I just can't explain are sprinkled all throughout the mix. Released January 22nd, 2014 Telrae Mix by Salz Vol. 3 is a delight and a vacation into a genre of music to open up the mind and work your ears. Salz stuck to their concept of mixing, recording and processing their mix to close the cycle of their first mix they recorded in 2000. With a layer of Salz across the top of fantastic originals with additional loops, edits and sound effects; the duo keep the listener engaged and craving re-hydration of more dub-techno.

Telrae-M003-EDMSauceSalz is a project of the electronic music producers Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstoesser. Founded in 1997 this formation researched the mesmerizing sound of BASIC CHANNEL – the famous Dubhouse. Fascinated of the warmth and deepness of this particular sound and the technoid character of this tracks, Salz began to create their own interpretations and building up their own specific sound. The music was first released exclusively on their own Label called “Salz” and after the 2nd EP the decision was done, to bring out the sound on live stages.

Contributing artists on the release include the following:
Stefan Gubatz, Andrea Sichecki, Sven Weisemann, Riley Reinhold, Salz, Van Bonn and Minilogue.

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Telrae Mix by Salz featured on Laguna Limelight Radio. Time Mark: 1:31:20. Enjoy.

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Salz has gone on tour and performed since 1999 in clubs like EGO BAR, Duesseldorf; ARTHEATER, Cologne; AREA51, Zurich; TRESOR, Berlin; PANORAMABAR, Berlin; DOUALA, Ravensburg; ALTER SCHLACHTHOF, Dresden; CLUB BOGALOO, Pfarrkirchen; CAVE CLUB, Salzburg; De:Bug Party, Hamburg. Discover more here and Soundcloud


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