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The Human Touch with Live Electronic Music Artists: Minilogue

Minilogue, “an animalistic music concept without the boundaries of genre” is one way of defining or labeling the electronic music duo. On a more technical standpoint. Minilogue is the portmanteau of minimal and dialogue, emphasizing that music is a way of communication for all listening. This sounds just like Minilogue with their music of electronic sounds but with a human feel. While out on some of the Southern California hiking and biking trails I enjoyed the surroundings of nature listening to my music of choice including a few Minilogue songs. The performing duo have brought a refreshing presentation of how they setup, create, and fall into their music in this 15 minute video.

Such a delight to know that the music I enjoyed listening to in nature was also inspired by the two being connected to the Universe more than I would have imagined.


The foundation of a proper studio is always different depending on the artist and the music. Minilogue is surrounded by 360 degrees of Swedish Countryside. Trees swaying and birds chirping with the two electronic music producers to create New Music. From the foundation the two setup their equipment, start jamming together and let the music organically come to be. After a jam session, a hike into nature or yoga and meditation is their break to free the mind from distractions. Clearing thoughts and separating feeling and thought is crucial.

This is one of my favorite Minilogue songs remixed by Roel H. This was played a lot while I began running again after a major neck Surgery. One of the classics that I will always enjoy to listen to and play in my DJ sets.

Expression is the next stage which is trusting your intuition and gut feeling. Hoping the flow of the music comes together is the goal. Minilogue makes it look so simple and beautiful while watching and listening to their live performance.

minilogue_setup-edm sauce

Just as a DJ reading the crowd, Minilogue feels the energy of a crowd and add or remove instruments accordingly. Throughout the years the two have been collecting sound samples from all over. They are all about analog and feel with the music. They feel that visual adds distraction and makes you think more which sometimes takes away from creativity and the “feel” of creating music. As for what gear to use to have a “human feel” they recommend a controller with a computer is a good start to emulate human feel with electronic music. With all the varieties of hardware and software, sticking to one instrument and getting to know it and feel it creates a human touch.

“I very rarely feel freedom when I try to get endless opportuniites. but when I limit the opportunities and I accept that, I can get free with kind of, not caring. Freedom is not to do whatever you want, but to be free doing what you do.” -Minilogue

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