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Interview with Lucy Luxe [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Minneapolis artist Lucy Luxe, known better as half of the Dubstep duo Dirty Talk, has released a new solo EP this week called ‘The XX Reign'. This EP is the start of what hopes to be a great jump-start into her solo career. We got a chance to talk with her about her EP, upcoming solo career, and what's in store for the future.

Lucy Luxe

First off, congrats on the new EP! It’s being released under Ultragore Records. How has your experience been with the new label?

I’ve always been a fan of Ultragore Recordings since they have had releases by many buddies of mine, like J. Rabbit & Nerd Rage, in the past. Nick (Sluggo) is a great guy, and extremely easy to work with. He knew I had been working on launching this solo project and was putting out some remixes and originals and just was like “Hey, I want your tunes.” So Gladly, I jumped on the opportunity to work with him and Ultragore Recordings.

What can we expect with the new label? Any collaborations in the works?

I’m definitely interested in working with Ultragore more, but also have a couple other labels I am interested in working with for some different genre type music. I’ve been creating a bunch of House lately and am hoping to be able to work with some labels like Mixmash, Dim Mak, or Spinnin Records. I do have a collaboration in the works with a friend of mine Poison IV from an Electro Hip Hop swing group called Ménage Quad, whom I will be touring with this December. She and I are working on some more melodic things and a sort of UK Garage-type feel Trap. Some beautiful music. I also have been in the talks with a possible collab with the lovely Reid Speed for Play Me Records.

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Let’s talk about The XX Reign. From the previews you’ve leaked, it sounds like we can expect a taste of hard hitting Trap. What inspirations have lead you to this route?

The EP itself is all Trap. A lot of my aspirations stem from a wide range of artists such as Diplo/Mad Decent music along with some heavier hitting Trap like Ookay. I enjoy the weirder style of Trap and Dubstep as much as the stereotypical, high synths and large drops Trap. I really enjoy the carnival-style also. Trap was something that as we all know, has been around for ages. When I was younger, I was such a Hip Hop junkie that producing trap now, as a 23 year old, came naturally to me. And, I really thought it was awesome how EDM was taking, what I would call, its own twist onto Hip Hop style beats.

Overall, what else can we expect from The XX Reign?

The XX Reign is a first glimpse into my solo production. Everyone knows me for my work as Dirty Talk with Monica, and the Dubstep we were focused on with that project, but everyone does not know my capabilities as a solo artist without Monica. This release should have you wondering more about what I can do as Lucy Luxe, as I have a lot of different kinds of music I have been producing rather than just Dubstep or Trap. The XX Reign is just the beginning of a journey for people to get to know me as myself, Lucy Luxe.

While people may recognize you more as one half of the duo Dirty Talk with fellow artist Monica Farr, you’ve focused on your solo performance more than ever this past year. What major differences in producing/performing as an independent artist have you experienced?

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So many differences! Producing by myself has really been a great tool for me with allowing my creativity to completely flow without someone else chiming in on my ideas or morphing them into something else. Doing this solo project, I am at my own pace with my own thoughts – completely 100% only me. This is something that was hard for me to experience with Dirty Talk, so I am grateful that I can do it now with this project. My performances have not been changed by much, although I was used to having sort of breaks for a couple songs while Monica was spinning that allowed me to dance around and connect with the crowd more. Whenever I play, I generally am mixing in and out so fast that the time I used to have between her and I mixing is gone. But I am figuring it out so that my connection with the crowd is still prevalent and I can still have that time to enjoy.

Lucy Luxe

A new label, new EP and exploring more into your solo career. What has been your motivation for getting this far?

It’s been rough separating from a successful duo to my own thing, but definitely was the right choice on my part. I just really wanted to do my own thing without having to deal with someone else on everything especially when a lot was not being seen eye to eye. I’m a very determined person and I have really just motivated myself through this whole process because it’s something I REALLY wanted and this is just the start. I also have had crazy support from friends, family, and other artists who saw the struggles I was enduring with the group, and that separating myself was really the right choice. Most of the Dirty Talk fans have also supported me through this although some people seem deeply saddened that the duo will not continue, I can promise to only expect better things from myself. I’m working harder than ever before.

Lucy Luxe Crowd Shot

In one of his latest podcasts, fellow Minneapolis artist Vaski mentioned that some people think Dubstep is dead. Do you believe this, or just think that the genre is simply going a different route?

I don’t believe Dubstep is dead at all. In fact, although I have been mainly producing Trap/House I am still jamming out to Dubstep daily. I think that Dubstep is taking a backseat for once in a couple years of it being the main genre out there that has provoked people into being involved in the EDM world, which is fine. I think variety in what is the ‘hot’ genre is great and keeps people’s minds open. It also allows for artists who have always been seen as “Dubstep producers” to branch out and do things they might have always wanted to secretly do, but have had to keep this image of a Dubstep producer/DJ so they have not. Dubstep is definitely not dead, it is just taking a back seat and allowing other genres to shine as well.

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Speaking of Minneapolis, what can people expect differently from the Twin Cities, both music wise and scene wise, as opposed to other areas of the country?

The Twin Cities has a crazy music scene. When I say crazy, I mean the crowds are always nuts, the parties are always crazy good vibes, and the variety of music here is also pretty wide. I usually always hear good things from artists after they come experience a Minneapolis crowd and how it’s been one of their favorite places to play. There is also a pretty big Hip Hop scene here that goes unheard, if you’re just into EDM I mean. This is where the famous Rhymesayers are from, not to mention the one and only Pop icon, Prince.

Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! We look forward to more great things from you the future!

Lucy Luxe's EP ‘The XX Reign' is available on Beatport now! Also, be sure to check out and follow all of her pages as she's always posting about show dates or music releases.

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‘The XX Reign' EP on Beatport
Lucy Luxe on Soundcloud
Official Lucy Luxe Facebook Page
Lucy Luxe on Twitter

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